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Who Are We?

That's Racing LLC is a group of chronic under-achievers possessed of a savant-like, single-minded focus on promoting and enjoying horse racing.

Of the founding partners, one is, in the words of the great horseman Kenny Mayne, a "chalk-eating weasel" with a documented history of show betting favorites at odds of 2-5 or lower. His handicapping shows strains of brilliance but is more flawed than Harvey Pack's. He is particularly prone to ill-conceived exacta boxes in races with four horse fields. He once spent six months trying to develop a speed figure that included a jump time co-efficient for steeplechase races. In 2000, at a Washington, DC bar, in front of the entire patronage of 200+, he was officially nicknamed "Rain Man".

The other founding partner has been called psychic, insane, even horrifically misguided, but he has hit multiple exotic wagers with 4 and 5 digit payouts including a stunning $11,151.20 superfecta score in the 2006 Preakness Stakes. Short on words and even shorter on patience, it's impossible to discern if he's winning or losing. He credits the gelding Wally Wally, who gave him his first superfecta win, with cementing his "underlay only" handicapping approach. Frequently spotted at the IRS window he is known simply as "The Signer".

Update: On May 18th, 2008 "The Signer" struck again. He was spotted at the Pimlico Grandstand windows signing an IRS form for a $1,192.30 Preakness Superfecta wager.




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